Chartres en lumières will return in April 2022!
And will take place until January 2023.

18 – The Rue Saint-Pierre

About the scenography

Artistic design: Graphic Studio of the City of Chartres – Bénédicte Ahssini, Jean-Baptiste Maradeix and Stéphane Lebouché

The rue Saint-Pierre illuminated by the graphic studio of the city of Chartres – Chartres in Lights

The rue Saint-Pierre proposes a route from the bottom of the streets (the oldest times) to the top, and the priory Saint-Vincent (contemporary period). From Fulbert to Jean Moulin, tribute is made for this historical figures.

“Discovering the characters who have marked the history of Chartres.”



About the Rue Saint-Pierre

The difference in levels between the upper town and the lower town is considerable. We soon realize this when going down – or more especially going up – the steps that link the two parts. Streets between the two that are suitable for vehicles are rare but Rue Saint-Pierre is one of them. From the 11th, it climbed up to the Cendreuse gate pierced in the 9th century walls. After the town was enlarged, this was the street used in the 18th century to enter Chartres from Paris. It was then called “Pavé du roy” (King Street), and like all the streets within the walls, its higher and attracted several bourgeois residences.


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19 – The Place Billard

About the scenography

Artistic design: MO-CA illustration

Place Billard illuminated by the City with a creation by MO-CA – Chartres en lumières

The covered market, a key place in the city center, is highlighted by dynamic lighting.

At its heart, an original illustration representing the city of Chartres is projected on the ground. It represents a round of facades of emblematic places, symbols of the historical and cultural heritage of the city.


About the Place Billard

The place opens up where the “tower” (the castle) of the counts of Chartres used to be under the Ancien Régime. It was named after the mayor who had the castle pulled down in the 19th century and created the square, surrounded by houses that were all similar, centred around a covered market in the metal. By day this location is full of life with its market and bric-a-brac shops, but it also attracts visitors at night, especially the young, thanks to its interactive installation.


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20 – De Lattre De Tassigny fresco

About the scenography

Artistic design: CitéCréation, Jean-François Charles, and BK Digital Art Company

The fresco by Lattre de Tassigny animated by CitéCréation and BK Digital Art Company – Chartres in Lights

Located on rue du maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny, this 170 m² mural fresco created by CitéCréation represents a film shoot in which General Marceau plays the leading role.

The BK Digital Art Company has created a timelapse for a year in which the painted fresco evolves with the seasons.


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21 – The Theatre of Chartres

About the Teather of Chartres

Artistic design: “Illusions” by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé

Illusions on the Theatre of Chartres by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé – Chartres in Lights

The theatre plays the main role of a romantic intrigue. He becomes an accomplice of a young woman trying to avoid the man who tries to seduce her.

The traditional theme of Love is revisited here with humour and lightness.


About the Teather of Chartres

This elegant theatre built under the Second Empire enlivens the cultural life of Chartres with a very full cultural programme. Theatre, dance, music, one man show, all fill the beautiful Italian hall and animate its elegant foyer throughout the season.


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22 – The Apostrophe multimedia library

About the scenography

Artistic design: Spectaculaires, Les Allumeurs d'Images – Franck Marty and Benoît Quero

The multimedia library l'Apostrophe illuminated by the Spectaculars, Les Allumeurs de lumières – Chartres in Lights

The Apostophe multimedia library, flagship of Chartres culture, constitutes an idiosyncratic site. Bordering the boulevard that encloses the heart of pedestrian town centre, it’s not possible to create an intimacy between the building and the spectators. The city has turned it into a gateway to Chartres Light Show. The scenographers have highlighted, not without humour, the history of the building. It has become a history book demonstrating that throughout all time, humanity has been looking forward to Chartres Light Show. And nothing less. So this was the real profound purpose of the taming of fire, writing, illumination, printing, technology... You don’t believe it? But that is how it is explained here.


About the Apostrophe multimedia library

In June 1875, the development of Post Office demanded a large-scale building. In 1919, it was decided to build a piece of land that had been part of the horse market. This choice, and the imposing architecture of the building, illustrates the desire to enhance the city that prevailed throughout the nineteenth century.

The new Post Office, designed by the architect Raoul Brandon, a local man, was opened in 1928, and was a key feature in the townscape of Chartres. It mixed styles of Gothic architecture, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Brandon was a much sought-after architect in Paris and transferred to Chartres the principle of urban symmetries found in the capital: the belfry and the tower of his Post Office are visual rivals of the cathedral towers, just as, for example, the colonnades of the national assembly and those of the Madeleine church look at each other from either side of the Seine.


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