Chartres in Lights 2019: from April 27 to October 12, every night.

23 – Chartres Gallery – Former Sainte-Foy church

About the scenography

Artistic design: Interactive intallation “Origami”, Pixel N'Pepper

Come and play on the façade of the Chartres gallery, by Pixel N'Pepper – Chartres in Lights

Inauguration of a new scenography for the 2018 edition of Chartres In Lights: the façade of the Sainte-Foy chapel is adorned with new interactive illumination!

The projected drawings, in origami form, will be divided into four different themes: space, aqua, terra and lux.

Users will be able to create their own lighting on the facade of the chapel by choosing among the themes and effects proposed, then take themselves in selfie, or other, in front of their realization. The system offers over 120 different combinations!


About the Chartres Gallery, former Sainte-Foy church

Opposite the multimedia library, the esplanade de la Résistance leads to an isolated Roman doorway. This is all that remains of a church dedicated to Sainte-Foy. The former eleventh century priory, built outside the city walls, became a parish church when it was enclosed within the city. It was acquired as a national asset during the Revolution, given to the people of Chartres as a theatre and altered for this purpose. The four spans of its nave were destroyed and the choir enclosed by a new façade. A building was constructed where the nave had been, with only the doorway being preserved. The theatre was in use until 1860. It then became a cinema, before taking on its current function as an auction room. The building was demolished in 1971 and the Sainte-Foy garden occupies the site of the vanished nave. 


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24 – The Rue de l'Étroit Degré

About the scenography

Artistic design: Lumière de verre

Illumination of rue de l'Étroit Degré by Lumière de verre – Chartres in Lights

Created for the 10th Festival of Light, the scenography that illuminates the Rue de l’Étroit-Degré offers a very unusual aspect to the landscape of the Chartres In Lights. It invites passers-by to approach the forecourt of the Cathedral by creating a tunnel of light, rough in appearance, in vert deep colours.

This scenography is the result of a very specific expertise in video-mapping: the light is projected through a slab of coloured glass in the ground, mould at 800°C. This creation has its roots in the ancient tradition of stained glass, adapted for contemporary purposes.


About the Rue de l'Étroit Degré

The rue de l’Étroit Degré was for a long time a passage allowing to connect the rue Percheronne and the rue du Cheval Blanc. The ceramic decoration of the house situated in n°17, of art deco style, was presented during the World Fair of Paris in 1900.


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4 – The Fine Art Museum – Façade of honour (new 2020)

About the scenography

Artistic design: BK Digital Art Company

Scenography by BK Digital Art Company on the life of Jean-Moulin – Chartres in Lights

This scenography is based on the theme of Jean Moulin, prefect of Eure-et-Loir in Chartres and French resistance fighter. It addresses the highlights of his life through his writings and drawings (images, paintings, epistolary accounts, historical posters), which tell of his journey, his struggle and the message he left to France.


About the façade of honour of the Fine Art Museum

This building, which houses the Fine Art Museum, has known a turbulent history. The former bishop’s palace that welcomed King Henry IV for his coronation was here. There was also the castle of the bishop’s representative, built at the top end of the cathedral and demolished in the 17th century for the building of the present terraced garden and the bishop’s palace. The latter was renovated and enlarged in the 18th century. The building is classified as a historic monument and has housed the Fine Art Museum since 1939, after being used for the prefecture of the Eure-et-Loir.


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3 – The Fine Art Museum – The gardens of bishop’s palace

About the scenoraphy

Artistic design: “Luna” – Camille Gross and Olivier Magermans

Luna travels on the façade of the Gardens of the Bishop of the Museum of Fine Arts, by Camille Gross and Olivier Magermans – Chartres in Lights

This scenography is a tale relating the story of “Luna”, a little moon, and her friend “Stella”, a cute star. It will be taken you to a journey trough the history of astronomy.

“At the launch of this animated tale, the universe is created under the amazed eyes of the spectator. Then Luna and Stella, the heroines of the story, take shape. By chasing Stella, Luna will fall into a black hole. A misadventure that will transport her to a parallel world: an invitation to travel through the history of astronomy. The journey begins in ancient times. The study of the solar system begins, it is evoked by the appearance of mystical creatures, representative of the unreal interpretations of the time. A scary landscape for little Luna who prefers to run away. It then meets the Sun, symbol of the arrival of science, wisdom and knowledge. A setting that comforts her, but the journey must continue.

The study of Space is becoming more precise and inspires many pictorial works in the course of the nineteenth century crossed by Luna. We then arrive at the beginning of the 20th century in the setting of « Voyage dans la Lune » by Meliès. Dreaming of space conquest, but it's still just a fantasy. Luna then uses Meliès's cannon to be thrown into the sky. We are entering the era of modernity. The conquest of space becomes reality. With it, the imaginary world develops more and more around science-fiction. Small glimpses of the world of cinema are drawn on the walls of the Museum of Fine Arts. Can you find them? Luna's quest to find her friend Stella comes to an end. We then approach the planet Earth, illuminated by its artificial lights. Then, the two friends meet and become constellation.”


About the garden of bishop’s palace

The Fine Art Museum owes its gardens, in their present configuration, to three bishops of Chartres of the 17th and 18th centuries, who modified them, enlarged them and enhanced then at the same time as they did their palace. The demolition of old parts of the palace, of which there remain a few traces of the servants’ quarters, and of houses situated at the top end of the cathedral, enabled three levels of terraces to be created between the charming mound of Saint-Nicolas and the elegant ruins of the priory of Saint-Etienne. This was all that was lacking to endow the bishop’s palace with the majesty appropriate to a great prelate. Overlooking the Eure valley, the gardens offer one of the most beautiful views of the lower town. Their retaining wall is built on ancient fortification. The whole site has been classified as a historic monument since 1941.


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7 – New scenography: The Saint-André collegiate church (new 2020)

About the scenography

Artistic design: “Royale Rencontre” (Royal Meeting) – Les Orpailleurs de Lumière

The Saint-André collegiate church illuminated by Les Orpailleurs de Lumière – Chartres in Lights

In 1254, King Louis IX of France invited Henry III, King of England, to Chartres. This meeting was the first of a series of truces and negotiations that led to the 1259 Treaty of Paris, ending the conflicts of the 1st Hundred Years' War.

This realization evokes this encounter by the sequencing of five animated paintings representing: The arrival of Henry III and his escort in Chartres. The reception of Louis IX and the exhibition of banners, the night celebration in honour of the sovereigns, followed by the great banquet. And to finish the realization of a painting immortalizing this meeting.

With illustrations from the Middle Ages and architectural lighting, the monumental façade of the 12th century collegiate church of Saint André is a remarkable support to tell this episode of Chartres' history.


About the Saint-André collegiate church

In the Gallo-Roman period, an amphitheater stood at this site. There are some stones in the walls of one of the crypts. Several churches were built and destroyed between the 10th and 17th centuries. Since its renovation, the collegiate hosts various events.

Dating mainly from the 12th century, this collegiate church has been converted into an exhibition center. In the past, his choir rested on an arch spanning the Eure, prolonged by another arch crossing the street. The Saint-André collegiate church, a listed historic monument, has, as it has done every year for the last four years, a new colorful scenography made up of four successive dressings.


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