Chartres In Lights 2019: from April 27 to October 12, every night.

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18 - The Place Billard

About the scenography

Artistic design: Participative animation – Matthieu Tercieux

At the crossroads between documentary, animated film and video game, this projection transforms the paving stones of the market square into a game board. Participants walk over the ground on which they see pictograms, videos and lights.

Through images and coordinates, the space becomes the cartography of a land that is no longer geographical but sensitive and empirical. What is our urban space, our environment? This is what the installations by “Vous êtes ici et ailleurs” are trying to get you to say.

The spatial experience is enhanced by sound, offering you stories, oral testimony, and electro-pop packages one after the other.

Participative animation of the Place Billard - Chartres In Lights

About the Place Billard

The place opens up where the “tower” (the castle) of the counts of Chartres used to be under the Ancien Régime. It was named after the mayor who had the castle pulled down in the 19th century and created the square, surrounded by houses that were all similar, centred around a covered market in the metal. By day this location is full of life with its market and bric-a-brac shops, but it also attracts visitors at night, especially the young, thanks to its interactive installation.

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