Chartres In Lights 2020: from Saturday 11th July!
Every evening, from dusk to 1 am.

24 – The Rue de l'Étroit Degré

About the scenography

Artistic design: Lumière de verre

Illumination of rue de l'Étroit Degré by Lumière de verre – Chartres in Lights

Created for the 10th Festival of Light, the scenography that illuminates the Rue de l’Étroit-Degré offers a very unusual aspect to the landscape of the Chartres In Lights. It invites passers-by to approach the forecourt of the Cathedral by creating a tunnel of light, rough in appearance, in vert deep colours.

This scenography is the result of a very specific expertise in video-mapping: the light is projected through a slab of coloured glass in the ground, mould at 800°C. This creation has its roots in the ancient tradition of stained glass, adapted for contemporary purposes.


About the Rue de l'Étroit Degré

The rue de l’Étroit Degré was for a long time a passage allowing to connect the rue Percheronne and the rue du Cheval Blanc. The ceramic decoration of the house situated in n°17, of art deco style, was presented during the World Fair of Paris in 1900.


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