Chartres en lumières will return in April 2022!
And will take place until January 2023.

18 – The Rue Saint-Pierre

About the scenography

Artistic design: Graphic Studio of the City of Chartres – Bénédicte Ahssini, Jean-Baptiste Maradeix and Stéphane Lebouché

The rue Saint-Pierre illuminated by the graphic studio of the city of Chartres – Chartres in Lights

The rue Saint-Pierre proposes a route from the bottom of the streets (the oldest times) to the top, and the priory Saint-Vincent (contemporary period). From Fulbert to Jean Moulin, tribute is made for this historical figures.

“Discovering the characters who have marked the history of Chartres.”



About the Rue Saint-Pierre

The difference in levels between the upper town and the lower town is considerable. We soon realize this when going down – or more especially going up – the steps that link the two parts. Streets between the two that are suitable for vehicles are rare but Rue Saint-Pierre is one of them. From the 11th, it climbed up to the Cendreuse gate pierced in the 9th century walls. After the town was enlarged, this was the street used in the 18th century to enter Chartres from Paris. It was then called “Pavé du roy” (King Street), and like all the streets within the walls, its higher and attracted several bourgeois residences.


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