Chartres In Lights 2020: launch postponed.

23 – Chartres Gallery – Former Sainte-Foy church

About the scenography

Artistic design: Interactive intallation “Origami”, Pixel N'Pepper

Come and play on the façade of the Chartres gallery, by Pixel N'Pepper – Chartres in Lights

Inauguration of a new scenography for the 2018 edition of Chartres In Lights: the façade of the Sainte-Foy chapel is adorned with new interactive illumination!

The projected drawings, in origami form, will be divided into four different themes: space, aqua, terra and lux.

Users will be able to create their own lighting on the facade of the chapel by choosing among the themes and effects proposed, then take themselves in selfie, or other, in front of their realization. The system offers over 120 different combinations!


About the Chartres Gallery, former Sainte-Foy church

Opposite the multimedia library, the esplanade de la Résistance leads to an isolated Roman doorway. This is all that remains of a church dedicated to Sainte-Foy. The former eleventh century priory, built outside the city walls, became a parish church when it was enclosed within the city. It was acquired as a national asset during the Revolution, given to the people of Chartres as a theatre and altered for this purpose. The four spans of its nave were destroyed and the choir enclosed by a new façade. A building was constructed where the nave had been, with only the doorway being preserved. The theatre was in use until 1860. It then became a cinema, before taking on its current function as an auction room. The building was demolished in 1971 and the Sainte-Foy garden occupies the site of the vanished nave. 


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