Chartres in Lights 2019: from April 27 to October 12, every night.

Festival of Light 2018: Saturday, September 15 at 9 pm

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The Route and program of the Festival of Light 2018

programme plan fete de la lumiere chartres en lumieres


The new scenography for the Festival of Light 2018: the Eurélium

The new scenography is the work of the collective Chartrain Lumière de verre, to whom we already owe several illuminations on the banks of the Eure, and was realized in partnership with the departmental council.

But that's all you'll know. See you on September 15 for the premiere!

Time: From 9pm to 1am.

Façade of the Eurélium - Festival of Light 2018 - Chartres In Lights


The Performances of the Festival of Light 2018

“Proud on Horse” (“FierS à Cheval”), by the company Quidams

Proud on Horse of the Compagnie Quidams – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © Marc Van Canneyt

“A passing dream... A herd of horses made of white and ivory materials, symbols of peace, purity and spirit. Horses carved in large inflatable materials and set in motion by daring puppeteers in legendary costumes.”

Place and time: Place des Épars, at 11:30 pm.

Artistic design: Jean-Baptiste DUPERRAY, Hal COLLOMB and Géraldine CLEMENT – Compagny Quidams


“Celestial Walks” (“Promenades Céleste”), by the company Motus Modules

Celestial Walks of the compagny Motus Module – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © Leslie Artamonow

Above the South Portal of Notre Dame Cathedral, a woman walks on the rose window, her gaze turned towards the sky, it is the encounter between the symbolic world of stone and the sensitive world of movement. In a soft and poetic choreography, to the beautiful music of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, the Compagny Motus Modules pays homage to this majestic building full of history and emotion.

Place and time: Cathedral, at 9:30 pm, 10 pm, 10:30 pm and 11 pm (6 minutes of performance).

Artistic design: Compagny Motus Modules and choregraphy of Brigitte MOREL.


“Moving Shadow”, by Mobilé Unternehmenstheater & Showproduktion

Moving Shadow of Mobilé Unternehmenstheater & Showproduktion – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

The mysterious play of human body shadows takes us into another world. These virtuoso artists of the movement – winners during the TV show “La France a un incroyable talent” in 2012 – let their bodies merge and become things, animals, plants and again men.

Place and time: Place Châtelet, at 9pm, 9.30pm, 10pm, 11pm, 11.30pm and midnight (15 minutes of performance).

Artistic design: Mobilé Unternehmenstheater & Showproduktion.


“VIA”, by the company L'Homme debout

Via of the compagny L'Homme debout – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

“Our giant crosses the cities with a suitcase in his hand[...]. To meet a giant is to fall back into childhood, at a time when we walk in balance between reality and imagination, like a tightrope walker on his wire, with that ease that escapes us once we become adults.”

Place and time: Place des Halles, 9:30pm.

Artistic design: Compagny L'Homme debout.


“The Song of the Poppies” (“Le Chant des coquelicots”), by the compagny des Allumantes

The Song of the Poppies of the compagny Allumantes – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © Christophe Cassagne

The installation involves 60 luminous poppies from 0.8 m to 2.40 m high. Each poppy is equipped with an autonomous lighting system, i.e. it can be lit independently of the others. Like each person's own breathing, the light intensity of each poppy is constantly changing.

You will then be able to stroll around the installation during short rendez-vous.

Place and time: Place du Cygne, at 9pm, 10pm, 11pm and midnight (25 minutes of performance).

Artistic design: Fred BOURREAU – Compagny Allumantes.


“Carillon”, by Jimyprod

Carillon of Jimyprod – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

A mechanical piano with wheels and a motor running through the streets of Chartres.

The pianist guides the piano while performing classical music tunes as a ballerina gracefully twirls her footsteps over them.

Place and time: Cathedral, at 9:30pm (cathedral departure) and 11:30pm (Place Marceau departure) (45 minutes of representation).

Artistic design: SARL Jimyprod.


“Ultralight 2.0”, by Ad Lib Créations

Ad Lib Créations – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © Ad Lib créations

Ad Lib Créations proposes a laser scenography presenting on a choreography lights of multiple beams with diversified colors, on an electro sound atmosphere. This immersive installation will take full possession of the site with optimal use of the space.

Place and time: Place Billard, from 9pm to 1am.

Artistic design: Christian GIMAT – Ad Lib Créations.


“Crystal Palace” (“Cristal Palace”), by the company Transe Express

Crystal Palace of the compagny Transe Express – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © Juan Robert

The Compagny Transe Express – known for having participated in the opening of the Albertville Olympic Games in 1992 – proposes a new show.

Suspended on a crane, a 12 meters diameter chandelier and its orchestra of musicians open the ball while below, on stages, dancers from the Salsamba association and acrobats invite the public to enter the dance. From the French cancan to the waltz, via the Charleston to end on techno, this sensational number is one of the highlights of the evening.

Place and time: Place des Épars, at 10:30 pm (1 hour of performance).

Artistic design: Rémi ALLAIGRE, Matthieu NEUMANN and Yasminee LEPE GONZALEZ – Compagny Transe Express.


Flashmob Animation: Transe Express invites you all to join in a flashmob, a gathering for a short dance before resuming your activities as if, almost, nothing had happened.

To prepare yourself, find the very simple choreography to perform in the following video:

“Butterfly and peony tree” (“Arbre à papillons et pivoines”), by Tilt

Butterfly and peony tree of Tilt – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

“« The butterfly tree » is mischievous”, it radiates with all its splendour and spreads around it a soft radiance of enchanted colours. The butterflies move with the wind and offer a peaceful ballet. The wooden bench carved at the foot of this giant of light invites passers-by to come and sit and daydream.

As for the peonies, they are illuminated with a thousand reflections and show a brilliant palette of varied and changing shades. They invite visitors to sit down to enjoy the view and the colourful atmosphere.

Place and time: Place Marceau, from 9pm to 1am.

Artistic design: Tilt.


“Installation of fire” (“Installation de feu”), by the company Carabosse

Installation of fire of the company Carabosse – festival of Light 2018 – Chartres in Lights – © Vincent Muteau

Fire has always attracted humans. Whether it is to seek his warmth, admired his natural play of light or by the respectful fear he inspires.

The installation set up by Compagny Carabosse is impressive for its size and the element it highlights. But it is above all a rallying point, a campfire where one can gather: “On the evenings of lighting, the visitors of a night discover, the regulars of the district finally realize... The eyes shine, the questions burst, the spirits open, let in the images, the emotions, and get out the feelings, the poetry, the unspoken”.

Place and time: Jardins de l'Évêché (Gardens of the Diocese), from 9:15pm to 12:15am.

Artistic design: Fabrice GILBERT, Nadine GUINEFOLEAU, Patricia KLEIN, Christophe PRENVEILLE and Jean-Marie PROUST – Compagny Carabosse.


Black Light City”, by The Espace familles

Black Light City of the Espace Famille – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

Parents and children from the Espace familles of the City of Chartres are also taking part in this great celebration! By creating photoluminescent objects, they decorate the streets and guide visitors.

Place and time: Place de la poissonnerie, from 9pm to 1am.

Artistic design: Espace familles

“SMSlingshot”, by Zöllner and Piatza GbR

SMSlingshot by Zöllner and Piatza GbR – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

“Hit the walls with your messages!”

In this participative animation mixing virtual reality and activism, Zöllner and Piatza GbR give you the possibility to appropriate the urban space by sending on the walls, with a digital slingshot, a message of your choice and just as digital.

Place and time: Place Cazalis, from 9pm to 1am.

Artistic design: Zöllner, Fischer, Piatza, Hofmann/Zöllner and Piatza GbR.


“The Montreur Ballet” (“Le Ballet du Montreur”), by the company Le Montreur

The Montreur Ballet of the compagny Le Montreur – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

The Montreur Ballet is a participatory, poetic and festive show.

“Roger the Montreur invites the audience to use a yellow avatar: a puppet with stems that will become the idealized (and very flexible!) projection of each participant. Jacky the accompanist will play the music on the piano to support the exercises, while Roger will conduct the sequences. Once the basics are learned, students will be invited to dance to Jacky's improvised music.”

Place and time: Place des Halles, at 9pm, 10pm and 11:50pm (30 minutes of performance).

Artistic design: Louis-Do BAZIN and Yves NEFF – Compagny Le Montreur.


“Phosphène”, by Eido Production

Phosphène of Eido Production – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

The Eido Production team invites you to create an ephemeral fresco. Place as you wish until “flashing”. The photoluminescent process applied then makes it possible to “fix” your shadow on panels, and thus to freeze this unique work with supernatural tones.

Place and time: Place de la poissonnerie, from 9pm to 1am.

Artistic design: Joël BONNET – Eido Production.


Exhibition by François Delauney at the prieuré Saint-Vincent

Exhibition of François Delauney – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © François Delauney

This 16th edition of the Festival of Light corresponds to the 15th Chartres en lumières! On this occasion, the photographer François Delauney returns on this event by exposing “selected pieces”; witnesses of this epic.

“15 years already, a bit of a crazy bet (you had to be), a very small team of less than 10 people during the first seasons at today's production. I was very lucky to participate in the genesis of the project from 2003: feasibility, tests, doubts...”, François Delauney.

Place and time: Prieuré Saint-Vincent, from 2pm to midnight.


Carousel – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights – © François Delauney

If the evening doesn't turn your head enough, you can get aboard the carousel!

Attention: the carousel is the only paid attraction of the evening.

Place and time: Boulevard Viollette, from 9pm to 1am.

“Fresco of light” (“Fresque de lumière”), by the Phare avec Julie association

Fresco of light of the Phare avec Julie association – Festival of Light 2018 – Chartres In Lights

Also find the Phare avec Julie association, which accompanies families affected by their child's cancer. The purchase of a candle makes it possible to carry out a fresco of light on the ground, representing the logo of the association.

The Phare avec Julie association was created in 1993 by the parents of Julie suffering from leukaemia. Faced with the pain and feelings of loneliness and isolation they experienced with other parents, Julie's parents decided to offer support, under specific conditions, to families affected by cancer.

Place and time: Boulevard Viollette, from 9pm to 1am.


Traffic and Parking Informations

Traffic on September 15 and 16

Access to the heart of the city (boulevards de la Courtille, Chasles, Maurice-Viollette) and in the pedestrian area:

  • vehicle traffic disrupted from 4 p.m. on September 15 (installation of safety devices);
  • vehicle traffic is prohibited from 6 p.m. on 15 September and until 5 a.m. on Sunday 16 September.

Parking in the heart of the city on September 15

On the public domain in the pedestrian sector and on the boulevards surrounding the heart of the city:

  • parking of vehicles is prohibited from 12 noon on public property, and until 5 am on Sunday morning;
  • Cœur de ville parking: access all evening via boulevard de la Courtille. Access to Place des Épars closed from 6 p.m. All outputs remain open continuously;
  • Cathédrale parking: open throughout the event;
  • Hôtel de Ville parking: entrance closed from 6pm. The output remains open continuously.

To ensure your safety during this event, the City of Chartres and the Prefecture of Eure-et-Loir have jointly committed increased resources. Identity checks and searches may also be undertaken. Thank you for submitting to it and facilitating the work of the police.


To prepare your evening, we advise you to download our application available on Google Play and Apple Store.

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