Media library of the Apostrophe : the tip

Travel in the media

Embark on a journey through time... media! The tip of the Apostrophe becomes the scene of a retrospective of the different inventions of man, with, in the background, the evocation of Chartres in lights.

Let yourself be told the history of the media, on a building whose architecture is sublimated by graphic universes based on lettering, musical notes, computer circuits...

With humor, Chartres en lumières is evoked in each painting: huge dinosaurs graze the treetops while Chartres is written in letters of fire; Chartres becomes illuminated in the Middle Ages; The Age of Enlightenment becomes "Chartres des lumières"... Until the contemporary era, with the invention of television and digital.

Artistic design : Spectaculaires, allumeurs d’images – Franck Marty and Benoît Quero.

A little history

Built between 1923 and 1927 by the Chartres architect Raoul Brandon, rehabilitated in 2007 by Paul Chemetov, the media library "l'Apostrophe" is located in the former post office of Chartres. The building, in neo-Gothic style, has a belfry with a corbelled clock and an imposing rotunda. Its flamboyant Gothic style recalls the north bell tower of Chartres Cathedral.

A series of mosaics on the facade evokes the story of a poem to communication glorified by Peace. The building was registered in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments on August 19, 1994. An olive branch and the "pax" inscribed above the entrance of the building, dominated by the mask of Hermes (messenger of the gods) invite to meditate on peace.

Dates and timetable

The 21 Chartres en lumières sites are illuminated EVERY evening at dusk from April to January.

See you in April 2024 for a new season.

> The dates and times will be published in our calendar shortly.