Where can I find the Fête de la lumière programme?

The full programme for the Festival of Light will be unveiled on the morning of Saturday 16 September on the Fête de la lumière page. The programme will also be distributed at the following information points:

Édicule, place des Halles

Portail sud de la cathédrale

Esplanade Résistance

Boulevard Chasles, en face du cinéma

Around twenty companies will be dazzling the town centre with light installations, strolls, shows performed in several locations, acrobats, musicians and technological feats such as the amazing bio-luminescent flowers created by Chartres start-up Aglaé.

And let's not forget the sneak preview of two additional sites being illuminated:

    The church of Saint-Aignan will be decked out in the finest works of sacred art, from primitive mosaics to medieval goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work, from stained glass to painted decorations.
    The façade of the Departmental Council, on Place Châtelet, will showcase all the natural beauty and heritage of the Eure-et-Loir.

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