Chartres en lumières will return in April 2022!
And will take place until January 2023.

Mobile App

The Chartres in Lights application is an invitation to discover the various scenographies, which make it a colourful event.
Thematic itineraries to follow, photos of illuminated sites, information on the the Festival of Light, etc.

It is a real concentrate of information which is proposed to you!


How does it work?

Nothing could be easier! Download this application to your smartphone via Google Play or App Store. Once installed on your mobile, you can consult it at any time to fully enjoy the Chartres en lumières experience.

Disponible sur Google Play

Disponible sur l'App Store


What's in there?

In this application, you will find all the sites highlighted and music and the way to get there.

With a simple click, your smartphone shows you the way to the places that caught your attention. Once on site, for each scenography, learn more about the history of the place in which you are located and the scenography that is presented to you: meaning, word from the scenographer...

But the Chartres en lumières application is also:

  • Photo albums of the event
  • Chartres in Lights social networks


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Contact Us

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