Chartres en lumières will return in April 2022!
And will take place until January 2023.

1 – The royal doorway of Chartres Cathedral

About the scenographies

Artistic design: Spectaculaires, Les Allumeurs d'Images – Franck Marty and Benoît Quero

“Chartres, d’hier à demain” (Chartres, from yesterday to tomorrow)

The royal doorway of Chartres Cathedral illuminated by Spectaculaires, Les Allumeurs d'images – Chartres in Lights

The scenography of the royal portal presents the history of Chartres. Meet the “angel on the dial”, who originated in a sculpture of the cathedral, in the role of time master and guide. Start from the Beauce fields and pass through the Carnutes forest, the coronation of Henri IV, the Second World War to reach the current innovations.

The new scenography is displayed alternately with the old one "Nef de Lumière..." (Ship of Light).


“Nef de Lumière...” (Ship of Light)

The royal doorway of the Cathedral is obviously the main attraction for visitors to Chartres Light Show. It was the first site of the whole operation. Renewed in 2012, it brings the event into a resolutely modern technical and graphic environment. As an outstanding element of world heritage, and vessel of Christian faith, the Cathedral was to honour the promise of light that it embodied, by respecting the vocation of the monument.

This scenography is of course transcribing the faith that drove the builders, as well as the techniques that they used, and the skills that gave the building its soul.

Enhancing architecture. The mark of their “digital fabrication”, once again guides their expert work to bring us closer to the majestic intimacy of the building and its wonders. With respect paid to its brilliant builders, their constructor comrades and all the fabulous Flamboyant Gothic artists, Spectaculaires offers us new images of a timeless, eternal cathedral, a living monument in perpetual transformation. A fun yet mischievous vision. The Allumeurs d'Images (Image Lighters) from Spectaculaires invite us to view Chartres with the surprises and pleasures that add a little spice to the fantastic tales...

“The eyes of the statues light up as witnesses and visionaries... Before building it, the cathedral needs to be dreamt up, thought of, its light and its transparency need to be desired... Now build it stone by stone and re-imagine its original colours, go to its highest point and let its delightful heights take your breath away, and under the eyes of statues in this stone nave, after a countdown, finally reach the sky...”


About the Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame of Chartres is one of bigger cathedrals of France and one of the first French sites registered on the UNESCO world heritage. 5 different versions from the Cathedral would have followed one another since the first construction. The Cathedral, which we can visit today, dates of the 13th century.


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