Fresco of Lattre de Tassigny

Chartres on stage

When night takes over the city, watch this mural come to life through the seasons.

Shh, don't make any noise, the shooting is in progress! Everyone is there. The technicians are working under the watchful eye of the director. The actors take their places.

But, did you recognize the main actor? Wouldn't it be General Marceau? The famous child of Chartres. You have the eye! It is indeed him who advances with his horse, he holds the first role in the film.

Now look at how time passes. The seasons pass by while the filming continues. Spring, summer, autumn and winter follow one another and fill the fresco with countless details.

Artistic design : CitéCréation, Jean-François Charles, et BK Digital Art Company

A little history

In the heart of Chartres, rue du maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny, admire an impressive 170 m2 mural : "Chartres en scène". Made by CitéCréation, 300 liters of paint were necessary for the composition of the fresco.

It pays a singular tribute to General Marceau. A native of Chartres, he is renowned for his feats of arms in the revolutionary army during the Empire. As a sign of his importance for the city, a street, a statue, a square, a column, a mural and a high school bear his name. On this mural, he blends into the setting of a movie scene.

The cooperative company of muralists CitéCréation creates monumental mural works of all kinds: frescoes, decorations, scenographies, urban design. These creations are intended to reveal, mark and embellish monuments, industrial or service spaces, even neighborhoods or cities.

Dates and times

The 21 sites of Chartres en lumières are illuminated EVERY, night from dusk to 1am (11.30pm from the 27 October), until 5th January 2025.

The lighting of the illuminations varies according to the time of nightfall.

  • April: around 9.30 pm / 9.45 pm
  • May: around 10 pm / 10.15 pm
  • June: around 10.30 pm / 10.45 pm
  • July : around 10.45 pm / 10.30 pm
  • August : around 10.15pm / 9.45pm
  • September: around 9.30pm / 9.15pm
  • October: around 9pm / 6.30 from 27 October
  • November: around 6.15pm / 6pm
  • December: 5.45pm
  • January : 5.45pm