Place Billard

In the heart of Chartres

During Chartres en lumières, the Place Billard dresses up in lights every evening.

The covered market, an essential place in the city center, is highlighted by dynamic lighting.

In its heart, an original illustration representing the city of Chartres is projected on the ground. You will find the emblematic places of Chartres, symbols of the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Artistic conception :  MO-CA illustration

A little history

Completely disappeared in the 19th century, the castle of the Counts of Chartres once stood on this square, in the heart of a district that was political, administrative and commercial. During the revolution, it served as a prison for the famous brigands of the Orgères gang.

In 1800, only the ruins of the castle remained and were destined to be demolished. This space became the place of the vegetable market and the market hall was built in 1899. The square takes its name from a dynasty of Chartres mayors.

Billard  Place has a "Baltard" type architecture from the beginning of the 20th century and houses the covered market. Today, this square is a place to meet, relax and stroll, hosting the city's market every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Dates and times

The 21 sites of Chartres en lumières are illuminated EVERY, night from dusk to 1am (11.30pm from the 27 October), until 5th January 2025.

The lighting of the illuminations varies according to the time of nightfall.

  • April: around 9.30 pm / 9.45 pm
  • May: around 10 pm / 10.15 pm
  • June: around 10.30 pm / 10.45 pm
  • July : around 10.45 pm / 10.30 pm
  • August : around 10.15pm / 9.45pm
  • September: around 9.30pm / 9.15pm
  • October: around 9pm / 6.30 from 27 October
  • November: around 6.15pm / 6pm
  • December: 5.45pm
  • January : 5.45pm