Foulerie wash house

Cascading !

From the Foulerie washhouse springs a fabulous waterfall which allows the survival of flowers and animals of very diverse origins, from the Alps to the tropical forests. Behind the falls, a cave can be glimpsed: it is said to shelter hundreds of bats...

As night falls, the river is transformed. In the evening twilight, as the bells of Notre-Dame ring out Compline, a strange phenomenon seems to take place: the Foulerie wash house comes alive with bright colours and abstract images and becomes the home of animals and trees from elsewhere.

Fauna and flora : M2.Creative has concocted for you a magical stroll, with sound ambiences conducive to immersion. Animals escape from a medieval bestiary to find themselves on the various bridges and wash houses scattered along the Eure. The banks of the river, the bridges, the laundries and the collegiate church of Saint-André change in appearance and become the home of animals and trees from elsewhere, even from another time.

Artistic design : M2.Creative

A little history

The street of the Foulerie takes its name from the cloth trades that used to live in this part of the city. Their raw material? The wool of the Beauceron sheep.

Dates and timetable

The 20 sites of Chartres en lumières are illuminated EVERY evening at dusk from 15th April 2023 to 6th January 2024.

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