The artists

Discover the scenographers of Chartres en lumières

Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d’Images

Created in 1987, Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d’images is a Breton company with a "company" spirit. Its know-how, which combines craftsmanship, art and cutting-edge technology, stages historical, urban, natural and industrial heritage through dynamic and monumental lighting displays.

At a time when video mapping is booming, Spectaculaires has positioned itself with a very active research and development strategy. For this living art of monumental dimensions, it has designed and developed its own technological devices for multi-machine video projection and spatialization.

Their scenographies : The royal portal of the cathedral - The rose of the south portal of Chartres cathedral- The north portal of Chartres cathedral - The tip of the Apostrophe media library

BK Digital Art Company

BK Digital Art Company is a creative studio composed of image professionals in illustration, animation and communication based in Paris and Lyon since 2012. Specialized in architectural video mapping and large format animated images, we design and create animated visual content for the stage, public space, events and participate in brand experiences as well as heritage lighting.

Their scenographies : the Museum of Fine Arts - The Saint-Pierre's Church - The fresco of Lattre de Tassigny


M2.Creative is a digital arts studio, oriented towards audiovisual production, specialized in 2D/3D mapping-video design and scenographic and lighting installations.

"Our multidisciplinary studio is a showcase for several forms of creations and know-how: graphic design, 3D animation, lighting design, sound design, scenario, scenography, carpentry, AV management. Our language is made of pixels and sound ambiences, 3D movements and writing. For us, mapping is the art of "dreaming another reality". Driven by the quest for meaning, we like to dialogue with the viewer.


Luminariste was founded by Benjamin Nesme, lighting and video designer after 15 years of experience in the service of live performance.

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre, he composes light and video according to the space and the moments to tell a story. A second path leads him to a stained glass creation workshop, where he learns about the encounter between light and glass, the expression of colors, and the strength of contrasts. As a synthesis of these experiences, Benjamin founded Luminariste with the conviction that these skills can be transposed into the architectural and museographic fields.

Their scenography : The Gloriette quay and wash house

Lumière de verre

Lumière de verre is a collective united by the passion of glass. Based on the tradition of stained glass, they study and develop the techniques of thermoforming and coloring. Between art and craft, Lumière de verre explores the properties of this material and adapts them to events, artistic creation, architecture and design.

Through glass, Lumière de verre also revisits the origins of photography and cinema to bring out their organic character in large format: the light projection is done through a simple lens complex that gives it a unique dimension. The collective is present in festivals and night parties, the illumination of urban or natural spaces, in a process of memory or spontaneity.

Their scenography : The Eurélium - The archives

Marie-Jeanne Gauthé

Marie-Jeanne Gauthé  is a scenographer and video designer. With her company Light Motif, she accompanies the shows of great artists and realizes many projections on buildings around the world.

Their scenography : The theater of Chartres

MO-CA Illustration

MO-CA is an artist creating book and cover illustrations, computer graphics and unique visual identities for businesses or personalized gifts for major life events.

In 2020 she created an illustration of the city of Chartres which is now projected on the Billard square.

Their scenography : The Place Billard