Saint-Hilaire arcades and bridge


The arcades and the Saint-Hilaire bridge reveal sumptuous African landscapes. But be careful, don't let yourself be distracted too much, because some inconvenient animals might appear. From the banks of the Nile to the great lakes, colorful landscapes and exotic animals parade on the bridge and the arcades.

Fauna and flora : M2.Creative has concocted for you a magical stroll, with sound ambiences conducive to immersion. Animals escape from a medieval bestiary to find themselves on the various bridges and wash houses scattered along the Eure. The banks of the river, the bridges, the laundries and the collegiate church of Saint-André change in appearance and become the home of animals and trees from elsewhere, even from another time.

Artistic design : M2.Creative

A little history

The 12th century Saint-Hilaire bridge linked the Morard gate to the Saint-Hilaire church, which has now disappeared. This church was next to the Saint-Pierre church. Travelers arriving from the south or from Orléans, entered the city through this access. It is one of the only bridges that survived the bombings of the Second World War.

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