Chartres en lumières returns from April 10, 2021
until the end of the year!

17 – The Church of Saint-Pierre

About the scenography

Artistic design: BK Digital Art Company

Saint-Pierre church illuminated by BK Digital Art Company – Chartres in Lights

Follow the evolution of the light projected by the sun and then the moon on the facades of the Saint-Pierre church throughout the day, from the depths of the night to the first light of dawn. Meticulous work has been devoted in particular to highlighting the architectural details of this Gothic monument, with the aim of making it a “reliquary made of lights, shadows and coloured nuances”. It also takes the same approach as the previous scenography, combining the lighting of the stained-glass windows from inside the church and the animation of the façade and the chevet from outside.


About the Saint-Pierre Church

The Church of Saint-Pierre is the most important church in Chartres after the cathedral. It was first the abbey-church of the Abbey of Saint-Père, proven to be 7th century and of which an 11th century remains, after which it acquired its current Gothic architecture in the 13th century. It has a wonderful collection of stained glass including 13th century glass and elements of 16th century glass inherited from long-vanished churches. This collection of glass is very rich in both motifs and in colours.


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