Chartres In Lights 2020: from April 4 to October 10, every night.

17 – The Church of Saint-Pierre

About the scenography

Artistic design: Ça Va Être Beau

Saint-Pierre church illuminated by Ça Va Être Beau – Chartres in Lights

With its illumination, the Church of Saint-Pierre has received rich new ornamental robes, and become once more a medieval jewel. This scenography illustrates a classic enhancement of religious heritage.

“In the gold and blue tones of the stained-glass windows of the choir, the architecture of the building is showcased, in view of a balance with the back-lit windows of the church. The Gothic structure of the buttresses will be emphasized and enhanced by baroque motifs. On the roofs, a representation of the celestial vault. On the tower of the courtyard façade, a large stained-glass window will have the effect of an optical illusion with the real windows of the church.”


About the Saint-Pierre Church

The Church of Saint-Pierre is the most important church in Chartres after the cathedral. It was first the abbey-church of the Abbey of Saint-Père, proven to be 7th century and of which an 11th century remains, after which it acquired its current Gothic architecture in the 13th century. It has a wonderful collection of stained glass including 13th century glass and elements of 16th century glass inherited from long-vanished churches. This collection of glass is very rich in both motifs and in colours.


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