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8 to 16 – The bridges and wash-houses on the banks of the Eure river

About the scenographies

Artistic designs: Enluminures, Anne-Lise Coulibaly et Thierry Chenavaud – And – Lumière de verre

On the banks of the Eure river, the scenographies realized by Enluminures and Artway Chartres transport you in a lovely walk which you can realize in family or between friends.


8 – The Minimes Bridge

The Minimes bridge illuminated by Enluminures – Chartres in Lights

It is in this place that begins the ambulatory reverie imagined by Anne-Laure Coulibaly and Thierry Chenavaud for Enluminures: "Washerwoman’s dreams ".

“Tackling her task, the washerwoman continues her duty. Her head lowered, her eyes proud, her mind wanders all over her work... A daydream that goes with the current. From bridge to bridge, five places to tell her reflection of her hopes, her imaginary travels, her joys and her secrets...”


9 & 10 – The Gloriette quayside and wash-house

Gloriette washhouses illuminated by Lumière de verre – Chartres in Lights

Here, there is no animation. The illumination of this site is done by projection through coloured slabs of glass in the ground. The colours are traditional tones of glasswork, chosen for their harmony with the site. The motifs create a world between figurative and symbolic, almost like that of the caves.

“Lumière de verre offers you a magical space where glass is glorified. The light comes through contemporary works made of glass as a projection: the material escapes from the space and takes you into a different world.”

Gloriette washhouses illuminated by Lumière de verre – Chartres in Lights

“Lumière de verre is installed on the banks of the Eure, where glass and water meet. Quai de la Gloriette is the scene for a dialogue between a glass wave from which the Chartres Light Show springs, and the River Eure. The projection sees its mirror-image reflected in the water, The water enlivens the glass in an endless exchange."


11 – The Bouju Bridge

The Bouju Bridge illuminated by Enluminures – Chartres in Lights

The Bouju Bridge, first known as the Grand-Pont (Big Bridge) then as the Château Bridge, replaced a drawbridge in the 13th century that served the castle of the counts. In the 14th century, it had a mill on it and a communal oven. Its name has nothing to do with these activities: it came later from a great Chartres family of the 18th century. Until then, travelers from Paris would cross this bridge to reach the upper town, and were somewhat obstructed by the houses built on its sides. The last of them disappeared.

It marks the 2nd stage of "Washerwoman's dreams": continue to evolve in this world dazzling by its colors!

“Her blue expression blends into the pure water. On the riverbed, knowing fish play a game of hide and seek among the playful algae, before offering her a droplet of water. A treasure.”


12 – The Foulerie wash-house

The illuminated wash-house Foulerie – Chartres in Lights

The Foulerie wash-house is typical of the wash-houses that crowed around the banks of the Eure river. The small area is filled with tints of bright colours through which pass silhouettes from fairy-tales.


13 – The Saint-Hilaire arcades

The illuminated arcades of Saint-Hilaire – Chartres in Lights

Here, we are now on in the 3rd stage of our ambulatory daydream with our washerwoman in Arches Saint-Hilaire.

At night, the arcades become covered with motifs related to illustration. Plants entwine over the wash-house and the façade, while arabesques highlight in gold the contours of the architecture. From this apparent stillness, from time to time a sleepy mermaid appears, watched over by dragonflies.

“With her task complete, she curls up in the fresh grass. A time for gentle reparatory relaxation in the shelter of the arcades. Soon she is sleepy, and gracious dragonflies come to greet the lady who sleeps on the banks with a delicate ballet...”


14 – The Saint-Hilaire Bridge

The Saint-Hilaire bridge illuminated by Enluminures – Chartres in Lights

Saint-Hilaire Bridge extended the Morard gate for travelers arriving from Orleans... It was also the bridge over the Fossé-Neuf has been rendered impassable by the retreating German army. Saint-Hilaire Bridge is naturally covered in plants that grow there quite happily. These guests inspired the scenographer to create the green carpet that invades the bridge nightfall. Varying hues, blues and greens, rich in motifs, create a real cloak of mosses, lichens, and a multitude of creeping species.

Welcome to the 4th stage of the ambulatory daydream of our washerwoman!

“One station, further along the walker pauses for a daydream by the water's edge. A moment of sweet contemplation where shapes and colours mingle, sprawl out, stretch out, get close to each other. Following the current, the reflections of a single moment change constantly...”


15 – The Grenouillère wash-house

The illuminated washhouse of the Grenouillère – Chartres in Lights

The walker continues his journey on the banks of the Eure and discovers another environment of the ambulatory daydream of our washerwoman.


16 – The Saint-Père Mill and Bridge

The mill and the bridge Saint-Père illuminated by Enluminures – Chartres in Lights

Saint-Père Bridge is without doubt the oldest bridge in Chartres. This stage immerses in the thoughts of our sweet friend, the washerwoman. Will you dare to follow her?

“In a more anxious mood, fantastic and phantasmagorical aquatic creatures haunt her thoughts. The strange and mysterious figures of water spirits, Wyverns and Mami Wata...”


 All rights reserved, texts and illustrations ©Enluminures, November 2013


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