Chartres en lumières returns from April 10, 2021
until the end of the year!

2 – The south doorway of Chartres Cathedral

About the scenographies

Artistic design: Spectaculaires, Les Allumeurs d'Images – Franck Marty and Benoît Quero

The rose on the south doorway of Chartres Cathedral illuminated by Spectaculaires, Les Allumeurs d'images – Chartres in Lights

“Let us see if the rose...”

Light illuminates the rose and flashes of colour glint from it, in homage to the master glass-makers. This high-level projection forces us to believe in it: we have to look up to see the light, as if we were looking at the sun... From the eastern approach to the city, this scenography sets the cathedral majestically on the promontory, a sign of great beauty inviting you to explore the Chartres Light Show.

Throughout the day, the south rose window has caught the sunlight and brightly lit the interior of the cathedral. When the sun sets and darkness might win, a startling phenomenon occurs in Chartres... Playing in the twilight, the Rose is born again and blossoms once more from the central rosebud on the façade of the south portal. Illuminating the stone that surrounds it with its gentle gleam, it seems to want to reproduce the immense brightness of the wonders that the light has struck in the intimacy of the building... In homage to the talented glassmakers of Chartres Cathedral, who left us the most beautiful collection of 13th century stained glass windows, the rose makes its journey in reverse... Fragments of multi-coloured light find themselves moving across the walls, the shimmering colours of the stained-glass windows mingling in a mirror effect, from daybreak to the top! The Image Lighters have a dreamlike perspective on the path of light here, through a rose that harnesses the energy of the day to light up the night...


About the Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame of Chartres is one of bigger cathedrals of France and one of the first French sites registered on the UNESCO world heritage. 5 different versions from the Cathedral would have followed one another since the first construction. The Cathedral, which we can visit today, dates of the 13th century.


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