Chartres en lumières returns in April 2021!

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The artists of Chartres in Lights

Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d’Images

Created in 1987, Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d’Images is a company based in Britany, imbued with a real “company” spirit. Their expertise, at the crossroads of craftsmanship, art and cutting-edge technologies, shines the spotlight on the historical, natural and industrial heritage in huge animated light shows.

At a time when video mapping is booming, Spectaculaires sets out its stall with a strategy of research and very active development. For this living art of monumental dimensions, it has designed and developed its own technological methods of multi-machine video projection and sound spatialization.

Discover the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Chartres and the Apostrophe multimedia library by Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d'Images


Enluminures began in Limoges in 1996 and develops lighting with “high added emotional value”, for musical shows or historical spectacles. Their scenographies, inspired by poetry and fantasy, use the technologies of interactive video projection and video mapping. Each iconography is based on a dramatic scenario with a very “cinema-like” sound track. Beauty, historical accuracy, and a colorful, fairy-like quality are the signature features that make their creations instantly recognizable.

Discover the bridges and wash-houses on the banks of the Eure river by Anne-Lise Coulibaly and Thierry Chenavaud (Enluminures).

Ondine événements

Created by three partners with complementary talents, Ondine événements is a company which specializes in the design and production of video mapping and interactive installations. It adds extremely high artistic standards to its mastery of the most recent and cutting-edge technology in the field. Imaginative capacity plays a leading role which allows Ondine to reproduce the soul of a place, a monument, or an event. In its creations, fantasy and emotion lend particular weight to the aesthetics and the technique.

Discover the Sainte-Foy church (Chartres gallery) by Eric Loillieux and Corinne Otto (Ondine Evenements).

Ça Va Être Beau

Founded in 2008, Ça Va Être Beau is an agency specializing in the creation and projection of images and light shows onto buildings, and ancient or contemporary monuments, for artistic or festive events. Designed as works of art in their own right, these shows bring together the two faces of culture: history and contemporary creation. They take inspiration from the identity or history of the heritage to produce a show for it. Ça Va Être Beau has developed a particular sensitivity for the final-carved image which transposes the principle of Chinese shadow into light.

Discover the Church of Saint-Pierre by Ça va être beau

Lumière de verre

Lumière de verre is a collective brought together by a passion for glass. Following the stained-glass tradition, it studies and evolves techniques if thermoforming and coloration. Between art and craft, Lumière de verre explores the properties of this material and adapts them for events, artistic creation, architecture and design. Through glass, Lumière de verre also revisits the origins of photography and cinema, and brings out its organic character, on a large scale: light projection is done through a simple lens complex that lends it a unique quality. Lumière de verre can be found at festivals and evening festivities, and illuminating urban or natural spaces, using a process of memory and spontaneity.

Discover the Rue de l'Etroit Degré and the Gloriette quayside and wash-house by Lumière de verre


The cooperative enterprise of muralists known as CitéCréation has been creating monumental mural works of all kinds since 1978: murals, decorations, scenographies, urban design, etc. And with all types of content, dimensions, styles and forms. These creations focus on meeting places or discussion areas. Their vocation is to reveal, highlight, and enhance monuments, industrial areas and services, or even whole districts or towns. As both designer and producer, CitéCréation is happy to bring together architects, landscape designers and other actors in the urban scene, visual artists, illustrators, graffiti artists, lighting designers... And, of course, the local people themselves.

Discover De Lattre De Tassigny fresco by CitéCréation

The graphic studio of the City of Chartres

Each year, the City's graphic designers create colourful graphic creations to decorate the Saint-André Collegiate Church. They compete in creativity and originality to give life in the night to this magnificent building that has passed through the ages, today hosting exhibitions of contemporary art.

Discover the scenography created by the graphic designers of the City of Chartres for Chartres en lumières at the Saint-André Collegiate Church.


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