Legends and illuminations on the banks of the Eure

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Night has fallen on Chartres. At the wake, the women tell old stories. Sometimes the devil invites himself to the ball. Along the Eure, the vouivre roams to punish the seducers and here, thwarted lovers will get lost in the wave. Further on, while the cathedral is being built, miracles happen on the construction site and on the paths. The children also dream of treasures hidden in the bowels of the city while in his stable, an old horse starts to fart gold coins. And then... the river is covered with a luxuriant vegetation and a strange fauna appears.

Dive into the imaginary legends of the Chartres of the past!


Practical information

Duration of the visit : 1h30

Rates : 15€ (full price) - 10€ (6 to 12 years old) - Free for children under 6 years old

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